Black foot to barefoot in one easy call.

We here at Barefoot Housekeeping pride ourselves in finding new and innovative ways to clean your home while still keeping it safe from harmful chemicals and processed ingredients. We pore over ingredient lists; research material lists, and educate ourselves about each and every new chemical cleaner on the market to ensure that you are getting the safest and healthiest cleaning job that we can provide.

We put more into our cleanings because we believe that while you deserve the cleanest home, you don't deserve caustic, harmful, carcinogenic chemicals that could cause long-term damage to your health and the health of your family. Fortunately we have Norwex solutions for nearly every problem. (Check our FAQ for more info about Norwex)

We believe that you and your kids deserve to be healthy, but also that your pets and visiting relatives deserve to be healthy (yes, even your mother-in-law or that second cousin twice-removed that keeps borrowing your lawnmower) and we are so emphatic about that belief that we test each and every cleaning compound in our OWN home. Every Barefoot Housekeeping cleaning mixture or compound (Even all of the Norwex solutions) was tested in our own home, over time, with our own kids, pets, and even mothers-in-law.

Does this mean we have to do more work? Absolutely! Commercial cleaners pride themselves on being quick to clean, but only meet this standard by being so caustic and harmful that they not only destroy dirt and bacteria in seconds, but if left long enough, they can eat into your floor, your counters, your walls…and your lungs. So in making the commitment to provide healthy and safe alternatives to YOU, we make the commitment in working harder and smarter to maintain a level of clean that is at least as high as other services while STILL keeping you healthy. We don't pour bleach and ammonia all over your home and call it a day. We clean your house as if it were ours.


  • "Rebecca has been cleaning our house now for almost a year. She has always done a great job on the agreed upon tasks and delights us with little extras on occasion that really help with how our house is presented. She has always conducted her business as a professional....showing up on time on the agreed upon day...but also granting flexibility when "life happens". I can recommend her services without question."

    Rodney L.

  • "Barefoot Cleaning is very nearly the perfect cleaning service: dependable and trustworthy, thorough and agreeable. Our lives are easier because of their work!"

    Marshall J.

  • "I can't say enough good things about Barefoot Housekeeping! With a set of small twins I have a hard time getting everything done and with the holiday's coming I didn't know how I was going to get the house in shape in time. Bec came in and worked within my budget and around the twins' nap schedule to help make my house beautiful for the holidays without chemicals that could hurt my toddlers. I love Barefoot Housekeeping!"

    Carrie H.

  • "Barefoot Housekeeping did a fabulous job cleaning our house! Our kitchen was spotless, and they are extremely professional. They use only Green Cleaning products, so they are safe and non-toxic for our pets, and left our house smelling wonderful."

    Kendra S. & Jeremy P.


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